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I will share my knowledge and my tips, about slow tourism

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Why practicing Slow Tourism instead of anything else ?

There's a few things that push people to go for slow tourism...

1- To Rest : Many people, even when they are on vacation they don't take time to rest, they run everywhere and want to visit everything, slow tourism, give you time to rest

2- Contribute to the environment protection: In fact, usual tourist come to  beaches every summer and  in general they don't care about environment. They even contribute to the destruction of fragile ecosystems. Slow tourism help in the preservation process. 

3- The economic context : Holidays are longer, so you have more time to communicate with locals, and buy from them really contributing to the country economy

To be clear

In this era of time, this is a form of tourism that everyone should be privileging 

And to help out there's a few specialized companies